Feb 8 2014

Current Works In Progress

This is a sampling of some current works in progress. I am playing around more with using the new sharpies that I have; 80′s Glam. Not sure where the new pens will take me but it’s always fun to find out. :)


Feb 3 2014

Valentine’s Day Art 2014

These are just some samples of the Valentine’s art for this year. Some are completed, a few are still WIP. There are even a couple for purchase through society6.


Dec 18 2013

Christmas Cards 2013

This year’s Christmas cards were mainly all about stars. Again, things were hectic this year and I did not get to spend as much time working on the cards as I would have liked. Next year I will try to make the time and also, am thinking that we will go back to the snow people theme because they are so much fun to create. :)


Nov 16 2013

Commissioned Work: Front Porch Shoes

This piece was commissioned to be an anniversary present. The top image was of the first round of sketching, while the bottom image is a sample of the finished piece created to the clients specifications.


Mar 20 2013

Digital Art for Twitch Streamer MCTazTik

This was just a quick and simple offline image for streamer MCTazTik to post when he was away from the screen.