It’s been a hectic holiday season here for SimpleAbnormality. Well, being totally honest it’s been a hectic year :P Commission work picked up a bit, have had a four pieces the past few months all ordered. Have not been able to work on an series work as of yet but am changing that for the upcoming year. Here are some of the work that has been offered now over at society6:





I was fortunate enough to be able to donate a new piece for a cancer charity event at the Govenor’s Mansion this year. Every year, the city has a Jazz Festival over the summer and this years event was kicked off by a Mad Hatter Tea Party.  The only requirement for this piece was to be centered on the old Alice in Wonderland illustrations by Sir John Tinniel. You can check out his earlier work via Project Gutenberg here: The Project Gutenberg Ebook of Tenniel Illustrations for Alice in Wonderland.






















After the raffle was won, I was able to the offer some items via society6. You can order prints now of this piece as well as the following items. Click here if you’d like your own Alice and Wonderland!



















This is the new Summer Sun design. Created in graphite, sharpie and colored pencil. Items that feature this design include: prints, stationary cards, stretched canvases, tote bags, throw pillows, iPad, iPhone and iPod cases. To see all the items available, click here: Summer Sun Art

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