This is the new Summer Sun design. Created in graphite, sharpie and colored pencil. Items that feature this design include: prints, stationary cards, stretched canvases, tote bags, throw pillows, iPad, iPhone and iPod cases. To see all the items available, click here: Summer Sun Art



























This is an image of an Easter card I created this year. My original plan was to do four different Easter cards for four different people based on their favorite Winnie the Pooh characters, however half way through working on those my cat knocked over a drink on my desk. All four cards were ruined, so I changed gears and did one card for everybody and played around with a zentangle style using sharpies. I like the zentangle idea of free form patterns and they are fun to play around with. Some patterns shown above are zentangle patterns and some are my own creation.

I love this video :) It’s cute, funny and shares an important message for us all. Every once in awhile I find myself going back and re-watching this video. He’s got more videos up through SoulPancake on Youtube. In fact there are a lot of good video series under the SoulPancake umbrella channel, check them out here: SoulPancake.